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Lunches with Love is a “Pay it Forward Project”

October 15, 2023

Lunches with Love is a “Pay it Forward Project” where you pay for children’s school lunches in Manatee County who don’t qualify for free lunches. (non title one schools)  Example is a single Mom who works 2 jobs, has (3) kids in school, pays rent, utilities, gas, groceries, etc. and is having a hard time making ends meet .  This program will bless so many families struggling right now.

We all have seen the person in the coffee line paying for the person’s coffee behind them.  If you are standing in that line, you don’t really need your coffee paid for because you have the cash on hand!   

All donations will be matched from $5 and up to $500.  Donations can be a one time donation or monthly pledge. Please contact us if you prefer writing a check and we will provide you with the matching donor information.  All donations are Tax Deductible.

Here is the lunch breakdown.

Elementary Kids

                  $2.75 per day                        $13.75 per week            $55.00 per month

High School Kids

                  $3.00 per day                        $15.00 per week            $$60.00 per month

You can donate in Memory Of someone, give a Birthday Gift, or even as a Thank You.  We will have cards to send.