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Fundraising and Awareness in a Social Media Driven World

January 27, 2021

When we first started The Blessing Bags Project, it was about the good we could do in helping deliver necessities to those most in need. As the needs have continued to rise, challenges have forced us to raise funds in new ways to continue to rise to the challenge of helping more individuals and families with each passing year. If 2020 taught us anything about the unique challenges of fundraising in this new normal environment is that the social media aspect of getting our message out is critical.

Whether building a website with a clear call to action, delivering engaging collateral material for events to the right audience in a timely fashion, or simply being up on the latest trend – it is all-important these days. At The Blessing Bags Project, we learned this when we attempted in the middle of a pandemic to try and get the word out about our Shamrock Shiver Fundraiser this past New Year’s Day. We turned to our friends at Sande Caplin and Associates, and they came through to help deliver the best event possible.

James Newton, their guru of everything technical and creative, delivered our unique media graphics for this event. Online, in print at the event, and on mailings for sponsors, these details all mattered. Sande Caplin using all of his expertise, threw it behind our event to ensure the story ran in the Suncoast Post to garner an even wider audience and other aspects of marketing for the best turnout possible. This group remains a staunch partner to help drive the audience we need for each of our campaigns to raise awareness and funds for this critical mission.

We no longer underestimate the ability of our web presence, email contact lists, and social media to get our message across. At The Blessing Bags Project as we continue to be limited on some fronts by the continuing social media necessary to staunch this pandemic, we are reinventing ourselves to meet the need in the future for those less fortunate, and social media will help us attain these goals. Look for a new website to better tell our story, and bring in volunteers and partnerships to help in even more – coming later this year!

Photos courtesy of Unsplash